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Sippin' on Purple BlogPoll Week 2 Final

As promised, its Wednesday, and I listened to what you guys had to say about my Blogpoll ballot. See how and look at how voters treated Northwestern after the jump:

Basically, I just bumped down UCLA and Michigan, because I was kind of embarrassed by how high I had both.

As for Northwestern, BlogPoll voters are really loving the Cats early: NU got votes from 15 people, ranking as high as ninth - ! - by Blatant Homerism - 13th by Tomahawk Nation and 14th by Black Shoe Diaries. Both BC interruption and BCDraft had NU ranked, which as I said earlier, is a sign of admitting defeat. My stubbornness in not ranking Northwestern earned me the Straight Bangin' Award for lack of bias, which I will certainly hang on my mantle for years to come, or at least until next week.