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Wednesday Sips, Featuring Fatheads, A Tribe Called Quest, #TeamTrevor and #TeamKain


1A/1B: I was going to do a play-by-play breakdown of #TeamKain and #TeamTrevor, but this sums most of it up:

Is there a way to have Trevor be taking 2/3 of the snaps and Kain 1/3 of the snaps, while keeping Kain on the field as close to 100% of the time as possible?

I'd be closer to half-and-half. I think it's important that Venric Mark get a lot of runs when Trevor Siemian comes in - he's looked great with Trevor next to him, whereas teams seem like they can prep for a running play when Kain's on the field - and that Kain air it out more, but that's pretty much how I feel. As I've said over the past two weeks, having two good QB's is not a bad problem at all.

More improbable than Northwestern: Adam Jacobi profiles THE DARKEST TIMELINE for Big Ten football, which features a 4-8 Indiana Hoosiers team going to the Rose Bowl. It ends with the collapse of Midwestern society as we know it, so I guess it's not that bad.

To all my Eagles who can Quest like the Tribe does: I headed over to BC Interruption. I really wish bloggers would stop asking me questions like "what rap song would you use to describe XXX team" BECAUSE I'M SO GOOD AT ANSWERING THEM THAT DOING IT CEASES TO BRING ME JOY ANYMORE. I also discuss TKOE and they asked us whether it was embarrassing to have 31,000 people at our home opener, which was funny, because they had 30,000.

At this point, I'd settle for moving down: For the fifth straight year, Northwestern is No. 12 on the U.S. News and World Report rankings. I'd like some confirmation that they're alive, even if they have something bad to say about NU instead of the "dead fish" method of college ranking.

Seriously. Point guards: Sideline reporter Lisa Byington's blog was full of interesting tidbits from her reporting on the Vandy game that she didn't get to say on air, such as the fact that NU's head trainer is now in the press box to better watch/examine injuries away from the NU sideline, Ifeadi Odenigbo not understanding where NU practiced at first, the fact that Northwestern runs into Vandy and Duke less on the recruiting trail - are we getting better or are they getting better? - and the news that VENRIC MARK CAN DUNK. Jesus. He's my fave.

PUFFENBERGER: It was brought to my attention that on the NU Field Hockey team - now 7-1 with four wins over ranked teams, jesus! - we are graced with the presence of junior Tara Puffenberger, a Virginia transfer who was Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week. Puffenberger! That is the name of a fast food joint I one day hope to own in Amsterdam and also why those unkempt dudes are in the booth next to you at Steak'N'Shake at 3 a.m. Anyway, props to field hockey on their success and more props to Puffy.

Tweet of the day: This has been out since last week, but I think this thing where NU blows up super-big pictures of its weekly MVP's every week and puts them on the locker room wall is cool. I'm going to start doing it for commenters with lots of recs.