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SoP Q-and-A: @BCHysteria Talks #FireSpaz, BC Football

Chase Rettig celebrates a TD with his 28-year-old friend Dave.
Chase Rettig celebrates a TD with his 28-year-old friend Dave.

We're too lazy to actually go ahead and learn anything about other teams, so we bring in people who know stuff about those teams so we don't have to sound like complete blowhards.

Today: BCHysteria of BC interruption.

SoP: The last time we touched bases, Northwestern played a tight game against a BC team coming off a strong finish to 2010 and an appearance in the bowl game. How are you guys doing? Are you okay? How's Coach Spaz treating you guys? Does he hurt you?

Things are a complete mix bag right now for the Eagles. On the one hand the offense looks great, but I am pretty sure any FBS team would look good against Miami and Maine. The defense is putrid, and has been exposed without Luke Kuechly tackling everything within fifteen yards of him. Spaz is Spaz. Does he hurt us? Sure a little, but with AD Gene DeFilippo stepping down in two weeks, there is little protection left for the mustachioed coach. Flip was Spaz's biggest supporter, and most BC fans know that once he is gone, Spaz is a dead man walking.

Miami's true freshman running back Duke Johnson gutted you guys for 135 yards on only seven carries in Week 1. What went wrong there? Is it something fixable, a virtuoso performance, or can anybody with a pulse have a decent rushing game against BC?

I have little faith in the BC defense. The front seven has provided little or no pressure in the first two games of the season, and BC is 109th in the country in sacks. And that includes a game against the FCS! I think BC could handle themselves against a power running back, but any team with speed will do whatever they want against the Eagles.

Be honest: how long were you scared for when BC was down 3-0 against Maine?

A little. If anyone not named "Frank Spaziani" was coaching this team I would have answered "not at all". But this is Spaz, and literally anything is possible. I believe by the 2 minute mark in the 1st quarter I had already tweeted my usual "#firespaz", which usually happens when I become enraged with the coaching staff. BC did quickly take over the game, but it certainly wasn't clean. And if you want to know the mentality of BC coaching, think of this. They had the ball on the Maine 36 with 4th and 7, only up 14, and BC punted the ball. AGAINST MAINE.

Northwestern gave up 470 yards passing to Ryan Nassib in Week 1 while Chase Rettig was torching the Miami defense for 441 yards. Is that something that can happen again? (Not to mention that Rettig's previous career high was in the season-opener against NU last year.)

I believe so. I think this game is going to be a defensive nightmare, with lots of points given up by both teams. If Northwestern can mix up lots of short stuff and move Kain Colter around, I think they could easily score 35+ points. Chase Rettig is a legit quarterback, he finally looks confident out there, and is making excellent reads and throws out there which could be based on improved line plan, new coordinator, or his own maturity. If BC carries out their gameplan like they did against Miami and not make a series of boneheaded mental mistakes (their running backs have hands like butter), I think BC will keep it close.

Let's have a prediction/score.

I've had Northwestern winning this game since last November. I don't think that changes. I think BC will struggle on defense, NU will score points and the Wildcats walk away with a 38-28 win. Do you know how much I hate picking against the Eagles? Spaz, look what you made me do!