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Thursday Sips, Featuring Jeff Budzien's Range and Jeremy Ebert in the NFL Again

We're head over heels excited about football you guys!
We're head over heels excited about football you guys!

Some stuff today before we can get namin':

Kickery Dickery Dock: Jeff Budzien has purportedly extended his range several yards after hitting the weight room hard, leaving room for more posts providing him with effervescent praise. (On that note, subscribe to the Chicago Tribune so you can keep reading awesome articles by Teddy Greenstein! Newspapers don't pay for themselves, and there's now a digital membership required over there. You could just sign up for a membership, too, I guess.)

Meanwhile, after Anthony Fero transferred and his backup Sam Ficken went 1-for-5 this past week, Penn State's backup kicker has now left the team for personal reasons, so be grateful for Budzien.

Ebert subs in for Kafka: Jeremy Ebert has signed with the practice squad of the Philadelphia Eagles.He joins Jeremy Maclin and B.J. Cunningham in the wacky wild world of NFL rosters. Never mind that Andrew Brewer was on the Iggles for like a day earlier.

LTP on BCI: If you're into more Q-and-A's.

My name is Cam, and I'm a Hoosier. (Hi, Cam.): With Tre Roberson out for the season, read up on Indiana's last two scholarship quarterbacks. Wait, didn't Gunner Kiel commit there? Oh. Oh, this is awkward.

Ayo dog: SB Nation Studios did this cool all-access video on Nebraska's video department and how it has changed the way they do things. In other news, they heard you like videos:

Tweet of the day: Tired of people wearing other school's t-shirts around Northwestern campus? Only one way to solve it: go across the Big Ten (and of course, to Harvard) and just walk around everywhere in an NU sweatshirt.