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Friday Sips, Featuring Ethering @RealSkipBayless, NU Bears, And More

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Predictions coming up in a bit, let's yell at Skip Bayless!

Skipping, still illegal in Evanston: There are few people the sports world dislikes as strongly as Skip Bayless. Unfortunately, being unlikeable is an employable skill at ESPN, where he successfully fills a role as the bad guy on a show where people yell at each other about sports. We already discussed Skip's fallacious ways regarding the Northwestern-Vanderbilt game, but last night during the Bears game, he kept piling on.

He said this in a game where three Northwestern players were on the field. Let's backtrack for a moment and start counting off factually incorrect statements and implications Skip Bayless has made in the last week regarding Northwestern-Vanderbilt football.

  1. Vanderbilt is a better school than Northwestern. Vanderbilt is quite a good school, but hey, Skip, look, it's the U.S. News and World Report rankings that came out Wednesday, and, uh, well. Skip tweeted about this twice.
  2. Vanderbilt being better at Northwestern than football. This fell under the "opinion" category, proven wrong when Vandy lost. Opinions are okay, though - sports is hard to predict. I predicted Northwestern would lose too!
  3. Northwestern has never had an NFL player. Very, very, very, false. In fact, by my count, there are as many Northwestern players - 11 - as there are Vandy players in the NFL.

At Northwestern, they teach us to be ashamed of factual errors, but Skip is in a little nice fun world where he says so much incorrect stuff that it doesn't really matter. I previously just disliked Bayless as a matter of personal choice, but now he's officially entered into the SoP Hall of Irrational Dislike. (And yes, I understand Skip Bayless saying dumb stuff is nothing new, but still.)

I recommend watching the video of Brian Spaeth and Skip playing Charades.

About that Bears game: You probably don't want to talk about it, Bears fans - hey, there's real football happening in Chicago this weekend up at Ryan Field! - but three NU guys got in the game and were .GIFfable! Here's Sherrick McManis making a big hit on a kick return:


And Corey Wootton recording a half sack:


Persablog: Really cool interview with Dan Persa over at LTP - sorry I don't have ex-players coming in here and guesting, unless you count Cody.

Obligatory BYCTOM post: Gotta head over there every Friday. This week they touch on the QB KAIN-TREVOR-sy, which is brilliant.

Trading braces: Another week, another guy who was previously uninjured on the injury report list while whoever was there last week is apparently healed. This week, it's safety Jimmy Hall, who has been on punt and kickoff teams, out for the week, while Deonte Gibson is apparently back to playing shape.

Tweet of the day: Jake Herbert, not wearing sandals: