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Boston College Eagles vs. Northwestern Wildcats Game Thread!

Its gameday! So let's stop talking about facilities and all of that and focus on the most important thing, which is Northwestern playing Boston College in football.

Some people were perturbed by the overwhelming majority of people picking Northwestern to beat Boston College, but luckily a few people went ahead and avoided the total jinx by going with Boston College in the overwhelming face of evidence. Hopefully that pays off and Northwestern gets the win to move to 3-0. That would be nice, because I'm still keeping all the "hey, Northwestern could start XXXXX-0 this year" talk aside and just thinking about winning every week. So let's win every week!

I figured it wasn't worth it putting up a thread for the one set of early games if I was gonna put this up at 1:30, hope you aren't too mad at me.

So comment along, don't be afraid if you're new around these parts, and that's about it. Go Cats y'all!