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Monday Sips, Featuring Jeff Budzien, Demetrius Fields' Colorblindness, and Venric Mark's Confusing Heisman Hype


L'Shana Tova everybody! The Jewish holidays have had a pretty strong connection with NU football over the past few years - I remember breaking fast with some adult beverages at NU-Michigan last year, as well as with just regular food during NU-Rice on the Buffalo Wild Wings TVs tuned to OwlVision to watch NU-Rice the year before, and NU-Syracuse was during Rosh HaShanah and prompted me to post about which Northwestern players seemed Jewish. Looks like none of the holidays fall on a Saturday this year, which is nice. Onto links!

Chicago's Groza Candidate: The Budzien4Groza campaign starts here and it starts now. It also starts over at the Lou Groza Award website, where you can vote for Jeffy Budz in a poll. He's currently kicking ass - get it? get it guys? - leading by over 200 votes over Rutgers' kicker Kyle Federico, but I say keep voting so the Lou Groza Award people don't give in to East Coast bias and know Jeff should be a candidate. Take The Toe, Jeff. Jeff was also B1G Special Teams player of the week, an award that was unshared this week since the guy who was unable to give Venric Mark solo honors a few weeks ago killed himself while trying to figure out what tie he wanted to wear.

Still standing: The BCS Eliminator is out, and NU is still alive. Northwestern's No. 28 in the AP Poll and 30 in the coaches, but is as high as 13 in one computer projection with Sagarin's ratings putting NU at a respectable No. 36.

Silver Gophers: One of the downsides of being undefeated is being compared to Minnesota in a breakdown of the Big Ten title race. Eww. I feel dirty.

Adventures in not acknowledging Northwestern playing well when your team loses, Part 319875023971532: BC Interruption debates whether or not they should fire Spaz.

HEISMAN HYPE BABY: Sure he didn't play a lot of the second half, but I'd like to shake the hand of whoever put together this graphic:

Monday presser tidbits: The depth chart is the same at last week. Inside NU had a bunch of interesting tweets during the Monday presser, such as the fact that Nick VanHoose has his spot locked down but Demetrius Dugar's is still up for grabs, Chuck Porcelli and Venric Mark still being listed as starters despite injuries against BC, and the really shocking news that Demetrius Fields claimed not to notice the difference between Kain Colter and Trevor Siemian. Really, you don't pick that up in a huddle? I guess Fields really doesn't see color. Or numbers. Or height.

Tweet of the weekend: Obviously, a lot of good choices, but I liked this one: