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Sippin' on Purple Blogpoll, Week 4

Hey, look who's ranked according to me!
Hey, look who's ranked according to me!

It's another opportunity for you to call me an idiot for my Blogpoll ballot! Use it wisely!

So Northwestern's in there: Yup! Not enough 3-0 teams left in the country to justify the one that's beaten three BCS squads being left out. I think they're better than a Mississippi State team that only has a quality win against Auburn, and Boise State suffered in my book thanks to Michigan State going down.

Other stuff: Louisville beat UNC, sure, and I don't think they're any worse than I did the week before, but they were the unfortunate victim of me completely changing my view on the PAC-12... I dropped four teams that lost... Yes, UCLA is way too high.

Tell me what I did wrong!