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Tuesday Sips, Featuring Train, More Jeff Budzien, and Talkin Bout Practice (Uniforms)


Happy... uh... second day of Rosh Hashanah, guys!

The JBudz Appreciation Tour Continues: Jeff Budzien continues to get alarming amounts of hype, getting a shout-out in this week's Forde Yard Dash, which highlights a surprising drop in field goal rates across the country - y'know, except for Northwestern. Forde also discusses NU, calling the Cats a "Big Ten contender" while Minnesota is, you know, not, despite being 3-0.

Demetrius Fields explains his colorblindness: From Teddy Greenstein's story on the Kain-Trevorsy:

"That might have something to do with me being oblivious," Fields said, "but I have full confidence in both. They spend the same amount of time watching film. They're on the same page, so it's kind of the same."

You get a chance to start! And you get a chance to start!: All but three positions on NU's offense are up for grabs, including quarterback. (Those three: center, left tackle, left guard.) Yay Fitzspeak!

WE MUST PROTECT THIS PRACTICE: We have a peek at Northwestern's new basketball practice uniforms, and suffice it to say, I will be very pleased if the actual game uniforms look like this:

Woot: Corey Wootton, showing promise for the Bears.

Workout for Willie: WhatIfSports gives Northwestern a 95 percent chance of winning by an average margin of victory of only 42.

#Puffenberger: My favorite Northwestern field hockey player, Ms. Bong-and-a-Broil herself was LTP's Wildcat of the Week. (I will seriously never get tired of that name.)

Northwesterners in Paris: Juice Thompson, absolutely dominating the competition in the French league, as tweeted by the NU men's basketball Twitter. Especially fun to watch if like me, you have a burning hatred for CSP Limoges.

Tweet of the day: Northwestern's answer to Brangelina is that annoying band that does all those awful songs, and also a mode of transportation: