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Wednesday Sips, Featuring Chili's, Yankton, and Miller High Life

I want my baby back baby back baby back baby back
I want my baby back baby back baby back baby back

Two more posts coming later, so let's get this puppy out quick:

Living the high life: Off-Tackle Empire compared B1G schools to bad beers in this week's power poll, and Northwestern came third - ! - and received first-place votes for the first time ever. (Thanks, Chad.) As someone who graduated NU with a double major in great beers and terrible beers, I really enjoyed that post.

Apparently, there is a place called "Yankton": And their paper had some coverage of the game from a South Dakota perspective. Important tidbits: this game cost Northwestern $325,000 - I know that's normal, but, woah, we're totally not recouping that in ticket sales - and the fact that the Coyotes have given up 552 yards on the ground in two games. CC: Venric Mark and Mike Trumpy.

You down with LTP: A pair of good posts, one on what to expect/look for from an FCS game and a full breakdown on the Kain-Trevor-sy, a term I refuse to stop using.

They aren't who we thought they were: Fitz on playing an FCS team:

I don’t think they care who we play. That’s for you guys to talk about and for our fans to talk about. We talk about who the young men are that we’re competing against, their strengths that we see in our opinion, who they are, what they do schematically, but, then why would we play the games? We had no chance at beating Nebraska last year on the road (so) why did we even go? We could have saved about $85,000.

DLicious: The defensive line took a camera with them to their unit dinner at Chili's:

Skip Myslenski over at NUSports also had this nice piece about the D-Line doing MMA when they're not getting triple dippers.

Tweet of the day: Nobody tweeted anything interesting at me recently, so Flocka it is: