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Thursday Sips, Featuring Redesign! !!! !!!!!!!!!

Is that a double fist-pump?
Is that a double fist-pump?

I have 987 Twitter followers. Get me to 1,000 and... well, I probably won't do anything, but at least my family will finally respect me. Not that many links today, but let's get to it.

Change gon come: Just to give you guys a heads-up: SoP will be undergoing a major makeover sometime soon, most likely early next week. I've been given the greenlight to give you guys a heads-up and show you a few screenshots, but I'd rather just wait and let the awesomeness blow you away when it happens. I've been able to hop around the new layout behind the internet wall a little bit on my own, and let me just say: it's everything I could want and more. It's infinitely pretty, with more efficient and intuitive ways of displaying things than the current layout, it loads faster than the current site, and, well, it's just great. But most importantly, the content won't change a bit. So get ready, I'll let you know when the switch gets flipped... well, actually, I'll probably just let them flip the switch, but get ready.

RIP, Ticket City Bowl: It was just two years ago that Northwestern played in the inaugural TicketCity Bowl, what seemed like the majestic first of many eons of TicketCity Bowls. But alas, the game is searching for a new sponsor, thus ending the dream of a shining city, filled with tickets. We look forward to playing in whatever new name the bowl gets. Oh, wait, we don't. We look forward to playing in all the other bowls.

I'm gunning for 5-for-5: A guide to your first postgrad college football weekend.

Let's start in Chicago, then move to Montana: BC Interruption asks how many Montana natives would recognize a BC football helmet as being a BC football helmet.

Tweet of the Day: I laughed picturing this: