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Northwestern Wildcats vs. South Dakota Coyotes Game Thread

Northwestern vs. South Dakota guys! A lot of people have expressed dissatisfaction and disinterest with today's game because Northwestern is readily expected to win. Yo, bugger off, guys. Northwestern is tryina go 4-0. That would be super-cool if Northwestern was 4-0! Nothing is guaranteed, and teams have lost to FCS opponents before. So stop all your blood-clot crying and let's enjoy some football, because football comes but 12 times a year and this is one of those times even if the team we're playing isn't allowed to have the same amount of player.

TL;DR: Hooooooo-weee, it's Ki-yoat whippin' time, y'all! Let's win!

Drop by in the comments to talk about the game, why you think Mount Rushmore is pretty much the worst mountain of all time, or post links to your favorite pictures of capybaras. Oh and totally no talking about JerShon Cobb being suspended or I'll come yell at you because football.

Go Cats y'all!