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Sippin' on Purple BlogPoll, Week 4

Is this the No. 21 team in the country? Or am I crazy and such.
Is this the No. 21 team in the country? Or am I crazy and such.

What's your favorite time of the week? Is it the time when you get to call me an idiot, i.e. this time? (Note: you can also call me an idiot whenever.)

Thoughts after the jump:

Am I a homer?: I have NU at No. 20. That seems ridiculous. I'm not really sure NU is that good. But errbody in front of them lost and I did the best I could not to be a homer.

Miscellany: Am I insane for still having Michigan ranked? I know they looked awful, but they still have Denard and they've lost to two teams I have 11 or higher, the other teams I had in the mix were Ohio and Iowa State, I think Michigan beats both... dropped Boise State on account of how bad they looked in the 7-6 win over BYU and how mediocre Michigan State (who I still have ranked) has looked... No shame in losing to top 10 teams for Oklahoma and Clemson, I still think they're top 20... I bet I'm far from the only one who swapped Oregon into the No. 2 spot. They've looked dominant all year and shutting out a team I had ranked at No. 19, even if there were silly turnovers involved, is damn impressive, while LSU keeps winning but not as impressively...