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Thursday Sips, Featuring Mixtapes, Jewish Drinking, and Kain/Trevor Boredom

Some links from the Northwestern webs, including my friend's mixtape that you definitely should listen to.

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Not a lot today, here's what I got

What Brandon Want: If you like supporting Northwestern students and/or you like rap, or if you don't like either, you should go listen to my friend Brandon's mixtape, that got released last week. (Beware with the link if you're at work - it's auto-play.) Brandon is sorta super-duper at rapping, although he's sorta weird and stuff, but you'll figure that out. It's choose-your-adventure style, so there's 30 tracks, but if you go through the website, you can listen to a different mixtape every time. My favorite song is probably this one, and seriously go listen go listen. It's fun and interactive and really well done. (OH - the mixtape totally isn't good if you're easily offended. Did I mention that?)

Ummm...: ChicagoSide sports asks if Northwestern can win with two quarterbacks. In other news, both quarterbacks have played in both games, and Northwestern hasn't yet lost, so, there's your answer! (Seriously, though, decent write-up.)

I've got chabad feeling about this: Yom Kippur is over, but there's the weird news that Northwestern is disassociating itself with the chabad, over accusations of alcohol distributed to minors at the chabad house which for those of you who don't know, is somehow different from Hillel. I can't act like this means a great deal to me - although being Jewish means a lot to me, that place always kinda weirded me out - but wow, Northwestern's alcohol policies are so misguided, it's funny. As I've said before, college-age minors will find ways to alcohol no matter how hard its policed, so I'm not sure why Northwestern insists on making sure it happens in places where adult supervision/potential safety measures are not in place. Doesn't it seem counterintuitive to want kids to drink in off-campus basements instead of with a friendly rabbi guy?

Tweet of the day: From Northwestern SID Nick Brilowski:

My passion for Katy Perry music is well documented. Was it E.T. Feat. Kanye West? I hope it was E.T. Feat. Kanye West. I hope it wasn't that "Wide Awake" song. I hate that song.