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Friday Sips, Featuring Future Senators, Brits, and Purple Spandex

Tyris Jones is our running back and learned not to punch people and wants to run for public office, plus some other stuff including more people thinking we can be Big Ten Champions and me ignoring them.

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Today is Friday, the day of the week we commemorate to remember Philip J. Fry II, rock star, innovator, and the first man on Mars, named for his uncle, who disappeared on the eve of the new millennium. Let's read some links.

Moment of silence: By now, you've probably heard Northwestern lost a student this week, Harsha Maddula. Thoughts and prayers.

Hush, Telander: Rick Telander wrote in the Sun-Times how Northwestern is a real candidate for the Big Ten Championship game this year, which, uh, I'm really starting to get nervous about Indiana. LTP wrote something similar regarding the conference's down year but his was less ominous.

You gotta be Sheeding me: Bad news for John Shurna, as the Knicks are close to signing Rasheed Wallace, taking one of two roster spots out of play.

Someone tell OFSL!: Rookie hazing for the San Francisco Giants was yesterday, and George Kontos had to wear a purple... thing.

RUNNING for Senate. Get it. Running: A nice story from Teddy Greenstein about former walk-on Tyris Jones, who scored his second career TD on Saturday and plays a lil bit of fullback out of pistol for NU. He wants to be a senator, and also likes fighting people.

Injury report: Jimmy Hall and Daniel Jones are out, Mike Jensen is doubtful. That's five games, no missed starts due to injury. Remarkable, hope it continues.

Notes: Luke Winn with a great post on RPI schedule-baiting.

Tweet of the Day:

Luke Donald lost his first match at the Ryder Cup out at Medinah, but he's still British and stuff so that's good.