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Northwestern Wildcats vs. Indiana Hoosiers Game Thread

The 4-0 Northwestern Wildcats take on the Indiana Hoosiers, hoping to stay undefeated and pass off the record for most all-time losses as a program. Tryina go 5-0!

Joe Robbins - Getty Images

Northwestern's Big Ten opener! Tryina go 5-0! Not to mention that thing I tried to drive media attention towards with Northwestern and Indiana being tied for the most all-time losses, although that's pretty much the most important thing to happen and also the most important thing ever to happen.

The 2:30 start times were fun, but it's back to 11 a.m. Or noon, for us east coasters who have the luxury of sleeping until the crack of 11 a.m. before falling out of bed and getting on the subway to go to the bar.

Although the site is different and prettier and scarier, the comments and the game thread are the same. Unless you want them to be different. Just remember to be nice to people and be racist or mean or post links to Wikipedia pages for various rodents. Other than that, everything should work the same - plus, you should be able to participate on your phone without using an app! How bout that! Just the phone!

Anyway, Go Cats!