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Tuesday Sips, Featuring Al Capone, Port-o-potties, and Smarter People Than Me


My favorite thing about college football is that it's Tuesday, and already all we can think about is how there's four days til the next game after a whole offseason of waiting.

Yeah, he might know what he's talking about: If you weren't exactly satisfied with my breakdown of the secondary play, Brian Peters had a must-read breakdown of the unit over at LTP. You could trust me, or you could trust last year's starting safety. I think you'll make the right choice. (hint: not me.)

What crappy television: TNIAAM captured the brilliance that was ESPN's bumper on a port-o-potty during the game Saturday.

Reason no. 18927409845369413601380923709487 why the coaches' poll is silly: Northwestern received a vote. NU might be one of the top 25 teams in the country, but certainly not based off of any basis consisting of watching the first week of football games. Vanderbilt got three votes, so expect them to score three times as many points as Northwestern next week.

Get down with the curvy sticks: Northwestern field hockey is No. 11 after a 5-1 start featuring two wins over ranked opponents. Not bad for a team that was a perennial loser before Tracey Fuchs took over.

More people with henchmen need to attend NU football games: Or, you know, just more people, but I love this historic anecdote about Al Capone checking out a Northwestern game back in the day.

Now that I'm Outside Northwestern...: Maybe you should check out Inside Northwestern? It's a website run by some former Daily staffers and there's some good stuff on there, like an interview with coach Bill Carmody. The Northwestern sports internets is overflowing as always, and it's good to have more stuff.

More proof I don't know what I'm talking about: My BlogPoll ballot.