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Wednesday Sips, Featuring Miley Cyrus, Dog Poop, and The Chicago Maroons


How's it goin vagabonds? Hope you're having a good afternoon. I just TIED a game of Words With Friends, so I'm ready to beat up a nun or a Victorian-era orphan. Instead, I'll post some links.

He's just being Miley: We discussed in his profile a few weeks ago a video where Venric Mark professed his love of horses and Mary Poppins, and everything is just starting to make sense now.

The killer quote?

The last thing I do before a game? Of course, I listen to music, get hyped up. There's something about Miley Cyrus, "Party In The USA" that just gets me in the right moment, not too high, not too low.

As a red-blooded American who loves his country and also listens to pop music, I agree wholeheartedly with Venric's music choices. Especially if he scores two touchdowns and murks the opposition on runbacks every game. We won't discuss his choice of "Payphone" by Maroon 5, however, that's just awful.

The internets, we have them: Northwestern launched what it proclaims to be a ground-breaking idea: a social media outlet for NU football, The Wildcat Way. Definitely a cool idea and nicely executed, even if I'm not quite sure how it's going to be used during the season, but I guess we'll see. I especially enjoy the twitter directory, even if it snubbed blogs like LTP and I. I'M FUNNY ON TWITTER GUYS COME ON FOLLOW ME.

BLOGPOLL OUT: So go take a peek at that.

OUR MOST HATED DIII RIVAL: Land-Grant Holy Land had a nice piece about University of Chicago football that's a very good read... except for this.

Northwestern has billboards all over the city proclaiming to be Chicago's Big Ten team, but anybody who can read a map knows that isn't true. Northwestern is in Evanston, and nobody outside of the CTA Purple Line cares about them. Chicago already has a Big Ten team, and they play in Hyde Park.

DON'T COME IN HERE TALKING THAT TRASH SON WE ARE CHICAGO'S BIG TEN TEAM BACK ME UP CHICAGO AMIRITE (crickets) Anyway, I'd say Evanston is closer to being in Chicago than the Maroons are to being in the Big Ten, I think. But it's still a good read that goes beyond the typical "hey! University of Chicago has a Heisman Trophy and was once in the Big Ten!" that most articles on the topic go.

And now, your tweet of the day: Reggie Hearn is not having a real good time:

That's good luck, right?