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Thursday Sips, Featuring DDR, Nigerians, and Chet Haze

Yeah, he would be good at DDR.
Yeah, he would be good at DDR.

Two days til more football! NotW coming up later, guys.

The Venric Mark appreciation tour continues: Just a day after we found out he was just being Miley, Venric found himself interviewed again:

Might I remind you of the connection between dancing, dancing, revolutions, and Northwestern?

Deja Vu: Brian Bennett of ESPN's Big Ten blog predicted the score of this week's Northwestern game would once again be 42-41, Northwestern. I hate us.

In case you thought "Ifeadi Odenigbo" was tough to pronounce: Inside NU had a nice interview with Northwestern's true freshman linebacker, where he disclosed that his dad thinks a touchdown is called a "home run" and that his grandma will be attending her first football game Saturday.

Odenigbo was asked what his grandma’s name was and he replied, "something long and Nigerian. Sorry, I just call her grandma."

More smart people at Inside NU: They had Anchor of Gold as well as a Tennessean beat writer over there.

Mmmm... Beer: Not Northwestern related, but a nice history of beer in Chicago. If you're like me, that's a must-read.

And your Tweet of the day: Yesterday I lamented people who celebrated the return of football despite attending/having attended Northwestern. Although I certainly love my Jets, it's not the same: college football is god's gift to man, and the NFL is something we get to participate in dumb fantasy leagues about, which is why it confuses me to see my classmates say "YEAHHH FOOTBALL IS BACK" when, uhh, football was back last Saturday.

Anyway, this is just all my way of thanking Andy Day for alerting me to a tweet by a certain Northwestern rapper who made a song that featured him yelling "WHITE AND PURPLE WHITE AND PURPLE WHITE AND PURPLE"