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Northwestern Wildcats vs. Vanderbilt Commodores Game Thread

We've spent all day waiting for Week 2 action under the lights, and now it's time for Northwestern-Vanderbilt to finally get underway.

Unlike last week when everybody picked Northwestern and I found myself feeling Syracuse was going to win as game time approached, this week everybody seemed to think Vandy was the smart choice, but as the day turns into night turns into gameday, I find myself siding with the Wildcats again. We're playing at home - woo! Home opener at Ryan Field! - we have an offense that should be able to perform well, and there's no way our defense looks that bad two weeks in a row, right? But alas.

The all-day open thread looks like it turned out well, so we'll try that again in future weeks. But for now, we only have one thing to worry about, and that's Northwestern football, which is nice. Go Cats, y'all!