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Halftime Notes: Vanderbilt 10, Northwestern 3

- NU had early success getting pressure off the edge. Vanderbilt countered with shotgun sets and by emphasizing quick throws from quarterback Jordan Rodgers.

- Vanderbilt found seams in the middle of Northwestern's defense. Receivers settled behind linebackers and beat defensive backs to the spot, with space to run after making catches.

- Mick McCall doing a nice job giving Colter room to run in space. Colter and Mark are making defenders miss and breaking the initial rush of pressure.

- Northwestern having trouble preventing Rodgers from breaking long runs. Pass rushers are closing off his lateral escape routes, but Rodgers has room to take off in front of him.

- Vanderbilt continues to use horizontal screen plays as "extended" run game. Picking up nice yards afte the catch.

- Pat Fitzgerald voiced his disappointment with the kicking game last week against Syracuse. Brandon Williams has punted Vanderbilt into unfavorable  starting field position, forcing Jordan Rodgers and co. to sustain long drives.

- Northwestern manages just 80 yards of total offense to Vanderbilt's 290.

- All things considered, a 10-3 scoreline is nothing to fret over. Northwestern has been unable to generate passing game. Offense has revolved around Colter and Mark evading rushers in the backfield. As expected, strong pressure and good coverage downfield from Vandy defense. NU adjusting with lots of pitch/option looks from Colter/Mark. Need to get aerial attack going in order to move ball with greater efficiency, sustain longer drives.