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Northwestern vs. Iowa Game Thread

The Wildcats take on Iowa, who has Roy Devyn Marble healthy for this game. Come talk to us about it!

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa! Northwestern! Basketball!

Anger whoever you're hanging out with on this Sunday by forcing them to turn away from this Pats-Texans game and put on a game between two middle-level Big Ten basketball teams! We've talked about how this is a big game for the Wildcats, and let's see them win it or something. You know, unless you're in Evanston, in which case get excited to read eight-bit score updates of what's happening in this football game on the medium-sized jumbotron. Let's see if Northwestern can hold its home court advantage in a year they haven't been particularly good at it.

Roy Devyn Marble is good to go for Iowa apparently, after he missed his team's last game. Chier Ajou is out for Northwestern, which makes me very sad, but hopefully that wouldn't have mattered anyway. Drew Crawford is still out, and that means we're still sad.

The game's on ESPNU at 5:30, so comment along and stuff! Go Cats and whatnot.