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Wednesday Sips, featuring Coaching Consistency, stuff I forgot

The Wildcats are one of only a few teams to maintain the same coaching staff for the last few years - and that's a good thing. Plus, other stuff!


A lot of things happened I forgot to post on here. I'm sure more things have happened that I knew I needed to remember but I once again forgot. Whatever - here's some news from today and yesterday and like, last week!

Stay, schemin: Coaching Search did a rundown and noted that only five teams have maintained the same coaching staff for three years, and Northwestern is one. I guess there's something to be said for consistency. People have called for changes - most vociferously for people at certain spots where there have been failures, like Jerry Brown in the secondary - but look at how the team did this year. Specifically, Brown's unit came up big in the Gator Bowl win. Although that secondary had its fair share of flaws throughout the year - specifically, teach dudes to knock the ball DOWN - it turned into a relatively solid unit. Coaching consistency has its merits. (NOTE: With Chip Kelly leaving Oregon, this is down to four. Lollerskates.)

Why is Northwestern bad?: A lot of reasons. I was going to write a post detailing why things aren't so good for Northwestern basketball, but I guess I'll wait until after they lose to Illinois tomorrow night. But Inside NU got most of the points here.

Jockblocks: Evanston also has problems with the new North Campus facility - the thing I wrote about yesterday was South Campus. So many facilities, so many angry Evanston people.

More way-preseason love: Dennis Dodd has Northwestern ranked, No. 16, the highest I think I've seen. I enjoy finding these every day.

Bo knows: Bo Dozer's blog is a good read.

"Fame" is putting it strongly, but: NU has its own sports "Hall of Fame" that they time inductions with alongside the baseball hall of fame, and they actually did induct people! These people. Word to Eric Hutchinson?

40 cubits high: Illinois hired a new offensive coordinator - just ONE, this year - and it was Bill Cubit, who got fired at Western Michigan after this past year. The Champaign Room points out that its an easy job!

I LIKE THESE NERD RANKINGS AND DON'T LIKE THE OTHERS: You ever notice how I always link when there's some new ranking that says Northwestern is a really good school, but not when they put us like 18th? Well Northwestern is the No. 4 school in the country! Sure, the reasoning is arbitrary, but whatevs.

Punt-tine: You probably heard the Bears have a new coach, Marc Trestman, which is relevant, since Northwestern is Chicago's Big Ten Team and he'll be coaching three Wildcats. He also (briefly) coached Jordan Mabin with the Alouettes, so there's that.