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Northwestern vs. Illinois game thread

Northwestern plays Illinois, so come talk to us and we'll pretend our lives are happy.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern! An Illinois team that is still ranked No. 23 despite losing four out of six games! It's the battle for the Sweet Sioux Tomahawk. (Since we don't do that in football anymore, can't we still do that, in, you know, not football?)

Anyway, although Northwestern has pulled out its fair share of victories over the Illini, I still can't help but feel like this matchup is perpetually destined for tragedy. Never more than now, when Northwestern has shown itself to be quite bad. This win would be really big for Northwestern - a sign of life! - and big for Illinois, since they've lost two straight.

The game's the undercard of Big Ten basketball tonight - we really should all be watching Michigan-Minnesota - but regardless! That pushes it to the Big Ten Network, where I'll be watching, and hopefully you join me so we can revel in our sorrows together.

Go Cats :(