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Northwestern vs. Indiana game thread

The Northwestern Wildcats would turn their entire season around with a win against Indiana. Let's hope Gus Johnson makes things happen.


Northwestern! Indiana! Likely sub-par basketball!

So, by any standard, this should be a blowout: Northwestern faces the No. 2 team in the country - yeah, they won't be No. 2 for long after losing to Wisconsin, but they're still good - and they're Northwestern.

But everything is set up for an upset: namely, they're wearing these black jerseys, sorta like last year when they upset Michigan State, and Gus Johnson is on the call, which kinda guarantees nuts things will happen. With Northwestern, it's just guaranteed bad things, but whatever. He's Gus Johnson.

Comment along if you're watching! No, but seriously, don't: if you're in Evanston or Chicago or the Midwest in general, you should go to this game solely to prevent it from basically being an Indiana home game. Northwestern's bad at winning at home, and that whole audience thing ain't gonna help.

A win here would completely change Northwestern's season, so that would be cool. Noon, Big Ten Network, y'all.