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Tuesday sips, featuring BURR, Al Netter, and David Nwabuisi

Northwestern has a player in the Super Bowl - kinda - and a player in an all-star game. Also, it's super cold!

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

It's so cold in the E: You in Chicago today? I heard it's frickin freezing! Northwestern athletes told me:

Haha I don't live there anymore suck it

It's good that Northwestern wraps up almost all its football recruits before Signing Day, because if they didn't, they'd all just log on to Twitter and see half of their incoming teammates being like "IT'S -35 DEGREES HERE" and sign with Arizona State, like we all should've.

(And yes, Alex Olah uses Celsius.)

NUper Bowl: The Super Bowl is set, and Al Netter is on the San Francisco 49ers... practice squad!

He hasn't played yet this year, but he's still a part of an organization playing for the Super Bowl, so that's nice. On the active roster, all listed as backups: A.J. Jenkins, Garrett Celek, Scott Tolzien, and Jewel Hampton. Go B1G 2010! (You might have also seen Marquice Cole getting burned for a touchdown in the AFC Championship game.) NU hasn't had a Super Bowl winner since Zach Strief with the Saints, so pull for the Niners.

Texas forever: David Nwabuisi will be repping TX in the Texas vs. the Nation all-star game, which, by my count, is the fourth most appealing pre-draft all-star game. Boosie's a long shot to get drafted, but he could wind up as a free agent.


Me elsewhere: I wrote this piece over at .com about the ten most overpaid coaches - by win - with fun B1G hate.