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This Week in Tweets at Northwestern

We're starting a new feature here every Friday with our "Tweets of the Week," consisting of the best tweets about Northwestern sports from the last seven days. Here's the first installment, feature fans, players, coaches and bloggers alike.

To lead off, a few Northwestern players enjoyed Wednesday's upset win over Minnesota.

One prominent NU alum worried about jinxing the win, but the worry was all for naught.

Not to plug our own tweets from the game, but this quote from a Minnesota fan was quite popular.

A former NU player had some words for the Bill Carmody critics.

But is a new coach coming to Evanston? (kidding, kidding)


This is from awhile back, but Kale Abrahamson is a good follow.

As is Alex Olah. What other Big Ten basketball player looks at the temperature in Celsius?

And lastly, this has nothing to do with Northwestern, but Oregon running back De'Anthony Thomas may have the best Twitter feed of all time. Here's my personal favorite.