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Nebraska, 64, Northwestern, 49, Final Score

Northwestern had two wins against ranked teams in a week... then they played Nebraska, and showed up completely flat in a disappointing effort in a game they could have won.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Welp - all y'all who wrote "good win, but they're gonna lose to Nebraska and its predictable as all hell" were right. Northwestern laid an egg against Nebraska.

The problem today for Northwestern was very clearly offense: poor shooting from all parties not named Dave Sobolewski, screeching to a halt and barely clearing 40 points before garbage time. Nebraska came prepped for the Princeton and nobody besides Sobo responded, as Reggie Hearn crashed back to earth with five points on eight shots while Tre Demps missed all five threes he took.

Defense wasn't bad, but Ray Gallegos splashed a bunch of threes - he's a 29 percent shooter coming in - and Brandon Ubel had six offensive rebounds for a team that's one of the worst in the nation on that front. The 1-3-1 was okay, but it didn't force a ton of turnovers and NU's unlikely spell of getting rebounds out of it died hard.

So that's that! Win some more improbable games, we can talk, but this was a should-win game and NU let it slip. The NIT's still a thing, but that wasn't a good loss by any standards.