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Monday sips, featuring Aaron Liberman's redshirt, Kale 'n' Alex, and LAX

It's women's lacrosse season! Never mind the sad news Aaron Liberman probably won't play basketball this season.

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

Your week just started, so here's a whole bunch of stuff on Northwestern sports so you can put off doing anything until, like, 11.

The chosen redshirt: We had this awesome profile of Aaron Liberman from the New York Times - yes, someone wrote an article about Northwestern basketball in the New York Times, no, it wasn't actually about basketball. It mentions in passing the awful news that The Great Jewish Hope will likely take a redshirt this year, which apparently puts him in the ranks of Chier Ajou, who also will apparently take one. Is it just me or does NU basketball use redshirts an awful lot for its deep bench freshmen? This seems inconsequential, but surely neither big man could help a team that plays Michael Turner heavy minutes.

Alex Brolah, Kale Abrohamson: Nice piece from NBN about how cute Kale Abrahamson and Alex Olah are together. They're roommates!

“He’s kinda into techno, so he’s kinda gotten me into that,” Abrahamson says. “I’m into R&B, so I hooked him up with a little Usher.”

The implications of Iowa born-and-bred Kale Abrahamson's passion for R&B and the likelihood that he considers whatever Usher song is on 103.5 Kiss FM at the moment to be an R&B classic is what's really important here.

#8-B1TCATS: Like this little app that has Willie the Wildcat jump whenever someone tweets about Northwestern sports.

#YOBO: Bo Cisek was the guest on the West Lot Pirates' podcast, and it was good. I loved hearing the story behind his two carries against Illinois - long story short, there was no story behind it, and he hadn't practiced it or been told it would happen beforehand. This makes me so happy. Fitz didn't even give two-tenths of a crap about a goal-line carry in a Big Ten game, because Illinois is just that bad.

ReLAX: It's women's lax season, y'all! Northwestern beat England, 11-10, but lost to the USA because dammit, they're patriots. Herman should be around with lax coverage soon - get pumped.