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Northwestern vs. No. 2 Michigan basketball game thread.

The Northwestern Wildcats play the Michigan Wolverines in a game that could get super-ugly because they're undefeated and Northwestern is un-uninjured.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan! Northwestern! They're No. 2! They're No. 2! (In college basketball, that's rather impressive.)

So never mind all that stuff we wrote earlier: it seems Reggie Hearn is trying to play, and Tim Hardaway, Jr. is dressed as well. So both guys could play, and both guys might not. Does it matter, considering Michigan is the much better team? Who knows? All I know is that a Northwestern win without Drew Crawford or Reggie Hearn would confuse the living poop out of me and possibly make me quit writing about sports, but in a good way.

So here all's the game thread! If you were here for the Gator Bowl, you should be here too if only for consistency reasons. I'm sure that will help. Game's on at 7 p.m. on ESPN2, so the entire nation can watch... well, whatever happens. I'll probably switch over to the Knicks if things get too far out of hand.

Go Cats, and stuff.