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Thursday Sips, featuring Al Netter, Nikola Cerina, and Steak N Shake

Al Netter's in the Super Bowl - kinda - news on why Nikola Cerina isn't playing, and an update on how Corey Wootton is sort of really good.

Gregory Shamus

Thursdayyyyys was the worst dayyyyyyyyyys, now we drink Old Style when we thirstayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

San Francisco Forty Netters: We got two stories on NU's favorite Super Bowl practice squadder, Al Netter: one from suburban San Fran paper, the Press Democrat on the craziness of the Super Bowl, and one from Chris Emma at Scout on how cool Netter's had it. I'm pretty indifferent about the Super Bowl, but if you're NU oriented, I guess pull for the Niners. I think we might be past the point in the game week where we'd know if Netter would be called up from the practice squad - plus, it would take a Bill Belichick-y cutting of somebody, so, he won't actually play or nothing.

Mantidisestablishmentarianism: Medill had a chat with Tommy Craggs of Deadspin, a Medill grad, about the Te'o thing. Here's the video if you want to watch it.

N.Co's: Teddy Greenstein got to the bottom of why Nikola Cerina isn't playing, which is all weird and all since he sometimes does play and I'm so not buying what Bill Carmody said. He dunked last night!

Goodnight, sweet butterburger: The food fight tournament rages on, and Culvers lost. To Steak N Shake.

Now, look, I enjoy a 3:30 a.m. Frisco Melt and mint chocolate shake as much as any damn body. But this is damn foolishness, guys. As B1G as Steak N Shake is, it's just not Culvers. Nothing is. Pour a concrete out, everybody.

Now, Steak N Shake is the last B1G representative, and its going up against Popeye's. Now, I love me some Popeye's, - to quote a college friend, "I don't even know how KFC stays in business" - but it's not more college football than Steak N Shake. I mean, look, there's a Popeye's three blocks from my house. I live in Bushwick. BUSHWICK. Bushwick is the least college football place in America. I go to Popeye's in a while, when I'm tired of eating cuchifritos and stumbling past unused Girls characters on my way to a taqueria. Vote Steak N Shake, y'all.

Ummmm...: Using a similar metric as I used a while back to make fun of Kirk Ferentz, someone thinks Bill Carmody is a bargain. I love Bill, but, like, nah.

Woottrain: Corey Wootton played really well in limited snaps this year, per the Chicago Tribune. Al Netter played even better in limited snaps!