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Northwestern vs. Minnesota Game Thread

Northwestern takes on Minnesota in a game that will hopefully be less ugly than their game against Michigan earlier in the week. Talk to us!

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern! Minnesota! So we have to do this again! Should be fun.

The good news is that the team that brutally murdered Northwestern the last time out, Michigan, did the same thing to Iowa Sunday, winning by 28 - the same margin of victory they had against Northwestern. Iowa was supposed to be good and stuff.

The bad news is that this is still Northwestern vs. Minnesota. Reggie Hearn is probably going to suit up again, but no word if he'll actually make it into the ballgame. The worse news is that we're still using Reggie Hearn's absence as an excuse for a major blowout to Michigan the other day, where the truth is Northwestern still would've lost by 20 even if he played. We'll see if that's any better against Minnesota.

Game's at 6 p.m. on the Big Ten Network, some come on and comment along instead of reading the comments on the phone of the girl sitting in front of you.