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Wednesday Sips, featuring Northwestern rankings for 2013 already?

It's barely 2013 and we already get to find out how good Northwestern will be when they start playing next football season! Also, I write stuff elsewhere.

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Mad about the Hall of Fame? That's dumb. Mad about the Sacramento Kings? That, well, that makes sense. Anyway, be happy about Northwestern!

In the year 2000: Believe it or not, people are already looking towards 2013 for the Northwestern Wildcats. And they have good things to say. Let's see: ESPN puts the Cats at No. 22 in an early preseason ranking, so does USA Today, More importantly than where NU ends up out of the entire country is how they rank in the Big Ten, Adam Rittenberg says the Cats are the No. 2 team in the Legends Division. Northwestern has a good shot to be in the Big Ten title game next year - but we'll talk about that later.

Wildcat$$$: NU is the No. 35 most valuable team in the BCS, which sounds good, but it's only No. 9 in the Big Ten, which is sorta crazy.

ZOMBIE BOWL DROUGHT: Jason Kirk summed each FBS team up in a sentence. For Northwestern:

Northwestern has not won a bowl game since 2013.

Words: My role at SB Nation is technically the same, but I'm now often writing more interesting stuff! Yesterday, I wrote a thorough breakdown of what gets NBA coaches fired mid-season and today I did this post on the weirdest college football games of 2012. If you like what I do here, you'll like that, so follow me on Twitter to see the stuff I write.