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Northwestern vs. Wisconsin: Talkin' Chris Borland and Jared Abbrederis with B5Q

They have a running back and a wide receiver and a linebacker.

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It's time for us to think about Northwestern-Wisconsin? Yes, after talking about beer and cheese, now it's time for us to talk about the football team that doesn't know how to properly execute kneeldowns but does have a studly linebacker, a studly wide receiver, and two studly running backs. We brought in Andrew Rosin of the spectacular Bucky's 5th Quarter and he talked to us about sports.

Andrew has already made his opinions on Northwestern clear by recounting every game Wisconsin and Northwestern played in the 2000's and having a mild aneurysm. Take it away, Mr. Rosin!

1. The thing people are harping on is Wisconsin's running game this year, but it doesn't seem like the normal "we have 42 enormous lineman and some huge running backs, deal with it" method of Wisconsin attack. What's the key to the Wisconsin offense this year?

Melvin Gordon is an element to the Badgers offense that they really haven't had. Any touch he gets can be taken to the house. Because they still have the enormous linemen, but Gordon is able to get to full speed quickly. And when he's in space, defenses are in trouble. Also, right now, James White has been clutch in the passing game. There hasn't been a second receiver for the Badgers in the past two seasons. James White's been able to alleviate some of the pressure Abbrederis would have been facing if there was a coach who was, shall was say, unwilling to put the ball in the hands of his best players when necessary. He's currently second in receptions for the Badgers.

2. Gary Andersen seems like a nice, clean fellow. How has he changed things, and how are y'all feeling about him thus far? Better than BERT?

In regards to the change question? On the field Andersen's willing to be creative in regards to the usage of his personnel (see James White). He will also use Freshmen if they are the best player (Sojourn Shelton and Corey Clement). Off the field, there has definitely been a difference in the recruiting game. He's recruiting in places where the old Bert would fear to tread and actually winning battles with major colleges to get players to come to Wisconsin. It's entirely possible that next year the Badgers will have the BEST RECRUITING CLASS EVER.

Yeah, it's not worth that much  But even with a 3-2 start and a likelihood that the Rose Bowl streak ends at three, Gary Andersen's got the fanbase firmly behind him. And Bert? He never had the consensus quite like this.

3. What's the optimal offensive strategy against Wisconsin? Just "avoid Chris Borland," if that's humanly possible?

You're not going to avoid Chris Borland. You will hear his name called. He will make a heroic amount of tackles. Yup, you cannot avoid the Borland there.

All seriousness though, in the Badgers two losses, they were able to throw the ball on the Badgers secondary well enough so that the Badgers couldn't play downhill and choke out the running game. In that respect the tag team of Colter and Siemian should give your team a chance to make some offensive noise. That's a match-up that as a Badger fan, I do not enjoy very much.

4. What's your Culver's order?

I throw Cheese Curds in whenever I go. I don't have a meal order. But those cheese curds are the truth.

5. Is Joel Stave throwing the ball well to Jared Abbrederis, or is Jared Abbrederis just a crazy person?

A little from column A, a little from column B. Stave's had some plays where he hasn't looked great, but he's built on what he did last season. And suffice it to say? The Badgers loss to Ohio State would have been infinitely worse if Stave wasn't the quarterback. But that being said? Teams know Abbrederis. They're game planning for Abbrederis. And if Courtney Roby can't stop him? He's playing at a professional level right now.

6. After winning three straight Big Ten championships, Wisconsin's already in a hole having lost to Ohio State. How do Wisky fans see this year playing out?

10-2 was the record we were all happy with. We thought this first six games were going to be a lot more difficult than the second six. We don't think you're going to be polite and only the fans chant of "that's all right, that's okay, you're gonna work for us some day" will be your highlight. But that being said, we think we're going to pull this one out in general.

7. What's your prediction?

Wisconsin has enough defense and turns a few red zone trips into field goals. Badgers 37, Northwestern 30. If I'm right, I may hate your school a little less.

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