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The Return of SportsNight: Discussing the Week of NU Football

NNN's SportsNight is back, meaning we'll be on the show again once a week to provide analysis about each week's upcoming game. This week, our Josh Rosenblat was on the show to talk NU-Wisconsin with NNN's Harry Swartout. Check that out, along with the rest of the show, which was hosted by Sam Levitt and Brandon Liebhaber.


The Rundown

1:10 — NU-OSU highlights

6:29 — NNN's Harry Swartout and InsideNU's Josh Rosenblat discuss the NU-OSU game and the keys to the NU-Wisconsin game.

10:48 — Men's soccer highlights

14:05 — Mike and Mike in the Morning recap

14:59 — Medill sports panel recap

15:52 — Homecoming parade and pep rally

1839 — Basketball scrimmage highlights

20:13 — Swimming fundraiser

20:42 — NU-Wisconsin preview

24:14 — Behind the scenes at ESPN College GameDay

27:45 — Plays of the week