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No. 19 Northwestern vs. Wisconsin game thread

Can the Wildcats bounce back as ranked underdogs? I don't know but at least talk to us about it.

Jonathan Daniel

Hey you guys. Why aren't you excited? No. 19 Northwestern is playing Wisconsin and they need to win, you jerks. They won't win if you aren't excited about it.

I live between seven trillion fast food places, and the only oneI allow myself to eat at is Popeye's. I only eat it once a month. I generally save it for special occasions: in the last few months, I've eaten it on the first day of March Madness, the first day of the NBA playoffs, the first day of the NBA Finals, my birthday, and the beginning of college football season.

Since nobody's in the office today and I can work from home, I got Popeye's on my way back from the gym. I can safely say that I gave Northwestern the best chance to win today. Now it's their opportunity to go out and get the job done. They need it.

Go Cats and such.

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