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SportsNight, Oct. 18: Discussing NU's Struggles Against Wisconsin

SportsNight's second episode of the year hit the air this week, and the crew discussed Northwestern's loss to Wisconsin, along with the other fall sports. Plus, our own Kevin Trahan was on hand to talk football with NNN's Harry Swartout.


The Rundown

1:06 — Northwestern-Wisconsin highlights

6:03 — Harry Swartout and Kevin Trahan break down the loss to Wisconsin and look forward to the NU-Minnesota game.

10:28 — Women's soccer highlights

11:28 — Men's soccer highlights

12:13 — Volleyball highlights

13:47 — Feature on freshman volleyball star Caleigh Ryan

18:29 — Basketball media day

21:07 — Feature on freshman field hockey star and Netherlands native Isabel Flens

23:28 — Feature on NU's Breast Stroke 4 Breast Cancer Swimathon

28:18 — Plays of the week