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Minnesota-Northwestern final score: Umm, the Wildcats lost to the Golden Gophers

It's getting ugly in Evanston.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

So, we went from "potential Big Ten champion" to "will the Wildcats make a bowl game?" really quickly. Northwestern lost to Minnesota today -- yes, that Minnesota! -- and is now winless in conference play after three games.

The defense actually played pretty alright, giving up just one touchdown drive, but the offense was horrendous. They were responsible for one score -- a pick six -- and a fumble that gave Minnesota a field goal. And since Northwestern only managed 17 points, you know, they didn't win and stuff.

Trevor Siemian looked absolutely brutal, throwing two picks, one returned for the touchdown, often holding onto the ball for way to long and often throwing directly into Ra'Shede Hageman.

We weren't silly to expect Northwestern to compete for the Big Ten Championship. Everything we'd seen from this team -- everything last year, up through the fourth quarter of Ohio State -- allowed us to think that. But something clicked, starting in that Wisconsin game and continuing today, and this team just does not look very good.