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Northwestern vs. Minnesota: gameday study guide

The hype has diminished. Just two weeks ago, Northwestern was riding a wave of positive momentum as it prepared for the program’s biggest game in more than a decade. The Wildcats had struggled a bit against weaker competition in nonconference play, but few doubted they would rise to the occasion against visiting Ohio State, on a weekend where local, regional and national interest and excitement in the program had reached something like a fever pitch. They did not squander their moment in the spotlight.

Northwestern’s 10-point loss to the Buckeyes was a disappointment, but the consensus afterward was that the Wildcats, even in defeat, had proven they could compete with the best team in their league. In a pressure-packed moment where Northwestern could have just as easily flopped, it stepped up. There was plenty of reason for optimism heading into a game at Wisconsin one week later.

That’s where it all went wrong, when Northwestern’s season seemingly transformed from one of the most promising campaigns in recent memory to a potentially dispiriting, more-losses-than-expected, setback type of year. Northwestern’s loss to Wisconsin wasn’t just bad because it meant the Wildcats fell to 0-2 in Big Ten play; it was bad because NU was thoroughly dominated in every phase of the game. One week after matching the then-No. 4 team in the country blow-for-blow, Northwestern looked overmatched.

Is that the Northwestern team we should expect moving forward? The one that couldn’t move the ball (or stop anyone) in Madison? Or is it the group that had the undefeated Buckeyes on the ropes in the fourth quarter? Today’s game against Minnesota probably isn’t the best barometer, but it’s at least a chance for Northwestern to prove whether it can move past last week’s jarring loss. There are more difficult, and more important (at Nebraska, Michigan, Michigan State), games ahead. Winning this one is essential.


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