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Practice Notes and Quotes: October 2

Notes and quotes form today's practice. Pat Fitzgerald wasn't really in the mood to talk about hype or the circus surrounding the Ohio State game.

- Rutgers transfer Miles Shuler played as Braxton Miller on scout team. He'll be a wide receiver at NU, but he played quarterback in high school.

- Fitz on the difference in the hype and how the team handled it from when he was a player: "When I was a play here, things got a little crazy. I don't think we were initially very well-equipped for it because we got distracted by it."

- Fitz said a lot of the distractions are different. The only way he heard about them when he was a player was by reading the paper, but now, "it's engraved in their lives."

- On the 2004 game: "From a punt perspective, we did okay," Fitz said. "I was in charge of that."

- On the hype: "I think it's awesome for the fans."

- Fitz said Tony Jones is playing as well as any Big Ten receiver.

- Fitz dodged questions about USC and Texas. He gave the "we don't focus on things we can't control." He refused to say whether he was flattered or resented it.

- Treyvon Green said he doesn't know what the gameplan will be or what his role will be now that Venric Mark is back. He also said he doesn't know what to expect when they both play together: "Venric is a big playmaker in the offense. He has different dynamics, he has great speed, great vision — he's a great running back. When I come it, it's a little bit of the same — not so much of his speed — but I have great vision and an ability to see the hole, and I try to break one here and there."