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Northwestern vs. Iowa final score: THE WILDCATS LOST TO IOWA IN OVERTIME

This game wasn't important, but it was still hell.

Byron Hetzler-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern is 0-4 in Big Ten play. Northwestern is 0-4 in Big Ten play. Northwestern played Iowa, went to overtime, and the Wildcats are 0-4 in Big Ten play.

This game was one of the #B1Ggiest #B1Gs that ever #B1Gged. Iowa moved the ball easily on their first drive and scored a TD, but didn't manage any touchdowns after that. Northwestern's defense was really sound all day on all fronts.Northwestern looked horrendous at first, but was haunted by a few costly penalties and some bad turnovers by Mike Trumpy that killed two of the Wildcats' biggest drives.

All that ended up with Northwestern-Iowa in overtime, tied at 10, and despite the fact that this game meant so little, I was freaking out.

Jake Rudock threw a preposterous TD ball on third down -- looked like he was gonna be sacked, got the pass up and C.J. Fiedorowicz somehow got under it -- and the Wildcats couldn't answer.

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