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Pregame Warmup: Northwestern vs. Iowa

- It's Iowa week, which means one thing around the Northwestern football program:

I wrote about the strange NU-Iowa rivalry/non-rivalry in The Wall Street Journal today, so check that out if you like. Interesting quotes from Gary Barnett. If things had gone differently, NU might have gone after Michigan or Ohio State to be its rival.

- It's windy today. Brendan Stiles of just tweeted that he saw Jeff Budzien attempt a 52-yard field goal into the wind (toward the north endzone) and it fell well short of the crossbar. That's something to watch as the game gets closer. It's also chilly today. It should be in the 40s for the game, though.

- Northwestern is wearing all-white uniforms and purple helmets. We haven't seen that combination yet this year. The other road games were all-white uniforms and all-white helmets (Cal) and white jerseys, black pants and purple helmets (Wisconsin).

- Kain Colter is out there warming up. We'll head down to the field to get a better look, but according to Scott Dochterman of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, he has his ankles taped heavily but is running fine.