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Pat Fitzgerald Coaches Teleconference Notes: Oct. 29

Notes from Pat Fitzgerald's weekly B1G teleconference. Apologies for the sparsity of the notes. Im typing with one hand due to a flag football injury (please, bring on the jokes).

- On Wisco jet sweep: "Formationally you've got to recognize where Gordon is and put yourself in the right place to (stop him)." Fitz said accounting for him and play-action is hard, and NU went "0-2" against it. Says it's a little like facing NU.

- On Green: "That'll be great to have him back." He was an emergency running back like Colter had been at QB.

- Fitz said 2/3 of the team is playing well enough to win. Said they need offensive consistency and TDs.

- Fitz said NU barely lost in the first B1G game, then beat themselves the next three weeks. He clearly still thinks this team has the talent to be successful.

- On Nebraska: Offensive weapons similar to a year ago, really impressed with the WRs. Also said the secondary locked NU down last year.

- On starting fast: "Start fast and finish faster, that's the motto around here."