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Northwestern vs. Ohio State: Talking Braxton Miller, Urban Meyer with LGHL

Land-Grant Holy Land tells us about committing crimes at Urban Meyer's behest and Christian Bryant's absence.

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Hey pals! It's Thursday before the game that some people think is the biggest game in Northwestern in history and some people think is just the biggest regular season game in recent Northwestern history. Maybe it's time we should start talking about actual football?

To do that, we talked to somebody who watches that other team that Northwestern is playing: Ted Glover of Land-Grant Holy Land, (as well as Off-Tackle Empire) which, is a really, really incredible Ohio State site if you're in the market for one. Here's them in-depth on Ohio State's season so far and a look at how OSU pressures opposing quarterbacks.

Take it away, Luke!

1. Northwestern hasn't played Ohio State since 2008. What have you guys been up to? Has Jim Tressel made a decision on whether to start Terrelle Pryor or Todd Boeckman yet?

Yeah, it has been a long time, hasn't it? Wow, a lot's happened since we last saw you. You guys have had a bevy of good quarterbacks (Mike Kafka, Dan Persa, Kain Colter/Trevor Siemien) you've won a bowl game, AND you ran a Heisman campaign. Boeckman, Pryor, and Tressel have all moved on, the latter two due to uh, some indiscretions you might or might not have heard about. Unfortunately, you also missed the Joe Bauserman experience. It can't be explained in words, only watched in horror.

2. Five games, five wins, as expected. Is there anything that's been disappointing about Ohio State thus far in 2013?

It's tough to be nitpicky at 5-0, but the secondary, which we thought was going to be a strength of the defense, has been a bit shaky. Bradley Roby, the pre-season All American cornerback, has been very pedestrian, and other than the opening minutes of the Wisconsin game, absolutely got smoked by Jared Abbrederis last week. Christian Bryant, a starting safety and one of the leaders on a team that seemed to be bereft with it earlier, broke his ankle and will be gone for the rest of the year. Everything else has been as expected, and it's a great time to be a Buckeye fan.

3. Northwestern fans are hyped up about this game. What's the feeling around the OSU fanbase? Do opponents normally get riled up about playing you? Do you think it's cute that we're all excited?

This is where I'd normally make a back handed compliment about the opponent and their school, but I realize that a Northwestern grad will more than likely be my boss someday, so I'm treading carefully here (Wait a minute...).

OSU fans, for the most part, view this game as the next one in a line that hopefully ends in Pasadena, but it's an important game. Every conference game is important, but this one has more going for it, for both teams. You guys look like the best in the Legends, if OSU loses any National Championship game dreams are gone, so the stakes are pretty high for this early in the conference schedule. And in all honesty, I don't think it's cute that Northwestern is fired up for this game, I'm actually excited for you and your school. It's nice to see a renaissance like this--you've got a major facilities renovation coming, a good coach, and a very good program ready to challenge for the top. It's good for the conference, and I'd like to see as many good and nationally relevant teams as we can get.

And it will be wonderful to crush all your hopes and aspirations on Saturday. Sometimes, it's nice to be the Evil Empire.

4. Braxton Miller looked spectacular against Wisconsin. What makes him special as a quarterback?

He's a great talent with a humble attitude, which is increasingly rare in this day and age. Yes, he has a lot of natural talent, but he has worked his tail off to get to where he has been, and it's nice to see hard work pay off. And he's also making the transformation from the dreaded 'athlete who's at the quarterback position' to 'athletic quarterback, and there's a world of difference there. Yes, he'll still rely on his God given abilities, but he's really maturing into an all around quarterback.

5. How many crimes have you personally committed on Urban Meyer's bequest, and which one is your favorite?

Well, the first thing about the Urban Meyer Crime Club is that you don't talk about the Urban Meyer Crime Club. You let the press talk, speculate, and come up with scenarios that make you look like a much bigger badass than you actually are. Kind of Like Jesse Pinkman, the junkie, and the ATM in season two of Breaking Bad.
But I would so kill a guy with a trident if Meyer asked...if I already haven't. Allegedly.

6. How does the loss of Christian Bryant change a defensive unit that's been good enough to win, but not necessarily elite? Is his absence something Northwestern can exploit, or is the Buckeyes' biggest defensive weakness elsewhere?

Northwestern will have an opportunity in the air Saturday night, no doubt. One of the things that left me pleasantly surprised from the Wisconsin game was the very stout run defense, which the Buckeyes will need to bring with them to Evanston. But with Roby's sub par play so far, and Bryant out, the Wildcats will probably be able to move the ball through the air, and unless Ohio State can bring some serious pressure or mix up coverages and give some confusing looks, Northwestern's going to get a ton of yards.

7. The Buckeyes are undefeated since LGHL's founding. Do you guys have a hex or something? Will the site turn into a pumpkin on Sunday if Northwestern beats Ohio State, like Cinderella's carriage?

Hex? No. Hexes are for children's fairy tales, Cleveland sports, and the Minnesota Vikings. We use voodoo, man, because that shit is real. My Pat Fitzgerald voodoo doll IS SO GOING TO WORK!! And we won't need to turn into a pumpkin, because if Ohio State loses to Northwestern, we'll react in a calm and rational manner, like we always do. We'll pull LGHL out of our living room, into our front yard, douse it in gasoline, and let it burn to the ground.

8. Got a prediction?

Sure, but before I do, let me say I really like the WIldcats. Great coach, great recruiting classes coming in, team on the rise with some great playmakers, just a good vibe around Northwestern. College Gameday is coming to town, and your fan base is jacked up, and you should be. I say this to remind you to look to the good things you have going for you when the clock strikes Midnight Saturday. I think Ohio State's offense is just on another level from everyone else right now, and the only way you can win is if you turn this into a shoot out. Ohio State has more bullets, and they have enough of a defense to get one more stop than your defense. Let's go 42-31 OSU.

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