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Northwestern vs. Ohio State: College GameDay is seriously, really still a thing, and we're maybe Chicago's Big Ten Team

NO SERIOUSLY THEY'RE SETTING UP THE SET GAMEDAY IS HERE, and Fitz is greater than Michael Jordan.

I'm writing a bunch of stuff that kept me up through the night, so since it's 6:43 a.m., which means I'm currently watching Mike and Mike broadcast from Deering Meadow in near-complete darkness. It looks miserable:

Mikeandmike_medium Seriously: I'ma devoted fan, but "hey let's wake up at 5 a.m. and listen to Mike and Mike talk about Josh Freeman" is absolutely a non-starter to me.

But it's gotten progressively more and more crowded behind the Mikes as I've watched. That's a real, real good sign for Northwestern looking purple rather than red on College GameDay. Get there early and often, folks.

It's been tough this week to keep up with the dozens and dozens of awesome articles written about Northwestern. Tough, you know, but awesome. However, let's curate the best thing:

Read BYCTOM. There's more hype things other that I'll link to later. Just be prepared.

Let's ogle the College GameDay bus and setup at Lakeside Field:

And the GameDay setup, on the part of the Lakefront just below Lakeside Field YES THAT'S RIGHT IT'S GAMEDILLODAY

GAMEDILLODAY! Looks like it's facing south, for optimal prettiness.

GameDay has also brought on support from around the Chicago area!

What a huge insult. Pat Fitzgerald won two championships in four seasons as a player. Michael Jordan played 15 years and won ONLY six championships. And MJ's been an abject failure in his post-athletic career, drafting terribly for the Wizards and guiding the Bobcats through mediocrity, while Pat Fitzgerald has led Northwestern to wins and stuff. Pat Fitzgerald is significantly better than Michael Jordan, and probably would have beaten the Monstars handily if given the opportunity.

YEAHHHHHH. Northwestern has made a mockup of this scenario -- Chicago's skyline with Northwestern stuff around -- a billion times but I never thought it would actually happen, which, you have to admit, it kind of did. Chicago's Big Ten Team and all.

Yo Navy Pier that's the best you could do is that the most purple we could make it

Couldn't we light up the ferris wheel or something


Reminder: for years the city of Evanston tried to prevent Northwestern from playing night games under the premise that it would be a nuisance to people who lived around the stadium, ignoring the fact that night games would make Northwestern football more attractive which would make Northwestern University more attractive which would make Evanston more attractive. After twisting arms and legs, Northwestern now has night games sometimes, and is good, and, hey, College GameDay is here and now the people who tried to stand in its way can pretend to enjoy it! Go evict some students.

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