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Northwestern vs. Ohio State: The GameDay Experience Live Blog

Welcome to InsideNU's live blog of Northwestern-Ohio State day. We'll be updating it throughout the day with photos of College GameDay, tailgating and the all-around craziness that will be descending on Evanston. Make sure to follow us on Twitter at @insidenu. We'll be posting pictures of people at the events, GameDay signs and more. Have a photo or sign you want to share? Tweet it at us or tweet it with the hashtag #GameDaySigns and it will automatically show up in the blog. We'll be putting together a roundup of signs after GameDay, as well. Anyways, enjoy the day if you're in Evanston, and if you're not, hopefully we can capture the experience for you.

Note: The blog will begin updating around 3:30 a.m. in Saturday because that's when I'm getting to the Lakefill.