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The Best of the Northwestern College GameDay Signs: Updated

We'll continue to update this throughout the day, so send us your signs or screenshots of other ones you thought were funny. Tweet them to us at @insidenu or email us at Also check out our live blog, which we're updating with photos throughout the day.

My personal favorite


He should join APU.sign8

"OSU loves the taste of Siemian." Something tells me that probably didn't make it in.IMG_1669

What the cat say?


Actually, NU students DID come to play school.


These guys were first in line. Aaron Zelikovich, in the middle, got there at 6 p.m. last night. And his friend needs a job, apparently.sign1

This tattoo sign got confiscated, but others didn't. Also, recognize the "Deposit" sign from NU basketball games?sign2

Get it? Cuz Urban Meyer's players all get arrested?sign3


A variety of OSU jokes.sign5

Tecmo football!sign6

"Do you even lift, bro?"sign7

"Our endowment is bigger than yours."sign9


This one probably didn't go over all that well.sign11

Crude, but relevant.

This girl swears she's a Northwestern fan (and season ticket holder).sign13

"The Great Catsby" by F'in Pat Fitzgerald.sign15

Also crude. Less relevant.sign16


Girls Gone Wild(cats)IMG_1721

#sprots #smartschoolIMG_1722


"Look Ma! No Sanctions! Ever!"IMG_1724

This Ohio State fan made a joke at the expense of Michigan, not Northwestern.IMG_1725

"Someone pick up Lane at Terminal 5B"IMG_1726

"I'd rather have a big Willie than small nuts." That's a good one to end on, I think. Humanity might hate it if we go any further.IMG_1727