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Ohio State 40, Northwestern 30: Instant Analysis

We'll have a lot more later, but before we get quotes, here are some initial thoughts.

- NU might not have been in this game without the turnovers, but those turnovers are no accident. This team is among the country's leaders in forcing turnovers, and their awareness to tip the ball at the line and get strips in key situations could win them a big game eventually.

- The run defense continues to be a major problem. The Wildcats have done a pretty good job of shutting down perimeter runs, but the defensive tackles have struggled, especially without Sean McEvilly. Just like Carlos Hyde did tonight, Wisconsin's Melvin Gordon, Nebraska's Ameer Abdullah and Iowa's Mark Weisman — among others — have the potential to put up big numbers on this defense. That's the No. 1 concern with this team right now and it was highlighted tonight.

- Matt Harris and Dwight White weren't all that bad at corner today. In fact, you could argue that Nick VanHoose was NU's worst corner tonight. He has to give receivers a huge cushion to make up for his speed — yes, I know NU plays "bend, don't break," but the cushion isn't meant to be that big. Teams are taking advantage of that.