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Pat Fitzgerald Conference Call Notes: Oct. 8

- How does Pat Fitzgerald define the NU? "I think from a proximity standpoint we're the two closest schools to each other or pretty darn close. Since I've been in the league... it's been a great rivalry from the standpoint the games have been great battles."

- Will the rivalry be enhanced when the teams are in the same division? "I think for the fans it probably will be... It'll look great on paper, but I think both teams will be focused until we get to the game week."

- Fitz on using Siemian more in the second half: "At the end of the day we moved the ball pretty well against a darn good defense... If we got touchdowns on those three drives, we would be having a different conversation."

- Fitz said the team improved, fundamentally, from the bye week. However, he didn't focus on the positives. "I don't focus on (those) things when we don't win the football game."

- Is Fitz concerned about the running game against Wisconsin? "I've got great concern about every team we play." Said NU has to get off blocks better against Wisconsin, and everyone else. He called the Wisconsin offense "physical" and "dominant."

- Fitz said Mike Hankwitz "really emphasizes" stripping the ball. He said there were a few more balls that could have come out.

- NU moved inside today to focus on crowd noise. He mentioned Camp Randall, Kinnick and Memorial Stadium (Nebraska) as "hostile" environments coming up.

- Fitz said OSU and Wisconsin different run games in that OSU runs out of a spread, while Wisconsin runs a much more traditional offense with a lot of I-formation.

- On nearly winning: "We've got a very good football game. There was about as much hype around that game as any game you're going to be apart of to get into BCS bowls." He said his team proved they could play with any team in the country.