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It's the battle of the NUs, for all the bragging rights in the universe of all things abbreviated NU!! SUCK IT Northeast Utilities!!

Eric Francis

The last time NU came to Lincoln, they pulled up a monumental upset over then-No. 10 NU. This Saturday's matchup is not quite so juicy.

Both NUs are looking to pick up the pieces after demoralizing losses last week. NU (the cool purple one) is trying to right the ship after four straight losses, while NU (the ugly red one) may be trying to save their head coach's job.

SoP's fearless leader Rodger is not computer accessible today, but fear not! He sent a raven with his prediction, and we've got the rest of the SoP crew to offer their prognostications.


Our bad defense beats their bad offense.

Northwestern wins, 28-24


Northwestern's defense continues to perform, limiting Nebraska's run game and grabbing an interception as the Cats build a 20-14 lead. Then, as Kain Colter lines up for the final kneeldown, he goes down with a freak knee injury. Trevor Siemian fumbles the snap, which Nebraska returns for a touchdown. On the ensuing kickoff, Northwestern fumbles, the ball rolls into the end zone, and Nebraska recovers for another touchdown.

Nebraska wins, 28-20.


You know the adage of college football, where every week is potentially a playoff to be the national champion? This game between the 'Huskers and the 'Cats is the opposite. Both of these teams are playing to keep their season relevant. If the 'Cats lose, then the dumpster fire of their B1G campaign becomes fully realized, and if the 'Huskers lose that would drop them 2 losses behind Sparty. On the heels of a shock loss to Goldy, a 'Cats win could inspire the shame spiral brought upon them as they got pantsed at home by the Bruins earlier this season. (Are there any Huskers legends left that could offer another vote of no-confidence?)

Conventional wisdom should tell me that this is a Husker win, even without TMart. With wins over B1G minnows Illinois and Purdon't, they need this one badly to build momentum before going into the teeth (or should I say mitten?) of their sked. But, why be conventional? Belief without evidence, baby!

Northwestern wins, 21-17


If Nebraska loses this one, Pelini might get fired after the game. In fact, he might get pelted with rotten fruit as he walks off the field.

But Nebraska's not gonna lose.

Nebraska wins, 31-14


At 0-4 in the Big Ten, Northwestern literally can not afford to lose another game and still compete for a berth in the conference championship. A win here over Nebraska and a loss by Michigan State to Michigan would put the Wildcats just three games back of the Spartans in the standings. And isn't that what we all want-- an exciting race for the Legends Division title heading into November?

Northwestern wins, 51-10